Official CHILLCAM v.2.5a Video Stream Test Page

You MUST BE RUNNING CHILLCAM for your 'link' to work.

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NOTE: CHILLCAM streams on port 9990.
This test page is set to a resolution of 320(width) and 240(height).
If your camera resolution is set any higher than that,
you will only slow down your video stream
and lose some of your bandwidth.

If you're internet connection is a 56k modem or less,
you may want to turn down your .jpg quality to approx. 30%.

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B A S I C   I N S T R U C T I O N S

This page is for testing CHILLCAM version 2.5a - 2.5b only.

I'll post a template along with sample .html code on this page soon.

NOTE: You MUST have both the 'Enabled' and the 'Stream' button pushed on EVENT #3 for this page to show your cam. The 'Activate' button must also be pushed in. These are the minimal requirements to stream.